Two Pit Bulls Attack Hoboken Resident and Pet

On October 11, 2011, a female Hoboken resident and her dog were attacked by two pit bulls.  Apparently, the woman was walking her dog down Willow Avenue in the early evening between 11th and 12th streets when an unidentified man lost control of his pet Pit Bull.

The gray Pit Bull then charged the victim and her smaller dog.  The Pit Bull attacked the dog causing injuries to its leg.  When the man tried to get his dog under control and out it in his house at 262 11th St., another brown Pit Bull escaped from the resident, causing both Pit Bulls to get loose.  In order to protect her pet dog the victim held her dog over her head while the Pit Bulls attempted to reach the little dog.  As a result, the hoboken women suffered abrasions to torso and arms.  Although injured, her dog was taken to a vet for medical care and is expected to recover.

Hoboken Police are still investigating the incident, but to date have not been able to find the man identified only as “Justin,” and other residents in the building have not been able to identify anyone that fits the Pit Bull owners’ description.

If you or someone you know was attacked by an Pitt Bull you need to take care of your physical health immediately and then consult an attorney as soon as possible. New Jersey laws can limit the amount of time you have to take action, so you need to act quickly. There may be no such thing as a bad dog, but even the best dogs can cause excruciating and traumatic injuries. Contact a New Jersey Pit Bull Attack Lawyer today for a FREE consultation.


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