Neighbors Save Woman & Dog from Loose Pit Bull

Three good Samaritans will be honored on August 15, 2011 after saving a woman, her baby and her black Labrador from a Pit Bull that escaped from a neighbor’s house.  In July 2011, Meghan McLaughlin was walking with her baby and her dog, when a Pit Bull broke through its owner’s glass storm door and attacked McLaughlin’s pet. Hearing their neighbor’s call for help, off-duty Palmyra officer Joseph W. Osinski, Paul Kelly Jr. and John Banscher... Read More

Bayonne Residents and Cops Injured by Pit Bulls

Three Bayonne residents and two Bayonne police officers were injured in late while attempting to break up a dog fight at 28th Street and Avenue E in Bayonne.  A woman was walking her three Pit Bulls on leashes when two of the dogs began to fight.  When the woman attempted to break up the fight, one of the dogs turned on her and bit her leg.  When a friend came to assist her, the dog bit her on the chest and arm.  Then a male neighbor ran over... Read More