Unfortunately, it is a fact that scarring and disfigurement are often the result of dog bite attacks.  When attacking an individual, dogs will often bite deep and then shake their heads in an attempt to tear the flesh.  This can lead to nerve and muscle damage, as well as bone breakage.  If the animal attack is severe enough it can leave the victim with lost skin or body parts, such as an ear or the nose.  These injuries often result in an disfigured appearance, causing extreme mental and emotional anguish in the victim.

Scarring and disfigurement can be repaired or minimized by a competent plastic or reconstructive surgeon, but this is often very costly, and most health insurers will not cover such procedures because they are considered cosmetic.  In cases like these, it is in the victim’s best interest to contact a New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, who can assist them in seeking injury compensation from those at fault so that they can cover the costs of their injury treatment and resume living a normal and happy life.

Have you suffered scarring or disfigurement in a dog bite attack?

If you have been scarred or disfigured in a dog bite attack, then you should contact us today for a free consultation.  We have experience representing all types of dog bite victims; from those victims that didn’t need any stitches, to those that have required 600+ stitches and multiple reconstructive surgeries.  We can provide you with high quality legal service in your case which can improve your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries.  With this compensation, you can obtain the medical treatment you need to repair the damage done and move on from the ordeal you have just suffered.

Contact a New Jersey Dog Bite Attorney if a dog bite attack has left you scarred or disfigured.