When a dog attacks an individual, the first thing they often do is bite into the victim’s flesh, causing a deep puncture wound.  These wounds can result in substantial damage to the person’s body, including tissue loss, muscle damage, nerve damage, and infection.  While the wounds do not always bleed, they can leave the person with afflictions such as rabies, parvovirus and cellulitis, which can be very dangerous and require immediate medical attention.  Additionally, puncture wounds can necessitate plastic surgery, as they may leave substantial scarring on the skin, which can be unsightly.

If you have sustained puncture wounds after being bitten by a dog, a New Jersey Dog Bite Attorney can assist you in your case. We can provide you with representation that can better your chances of obtaining compensation for your medical expenses and surgical procedure costs.

Qualified Legal Help for your Dog Bite Case

Puncture wounds can lead to other complications in an individual, and in extreme cases can even cause death.  They can also leave the victim suffering mentally and emotionally, whether due to heavy scarring or disfigurement, or the stress that comes in the aftermath of experiencing such an attack.  A person who has lived through such an ordeal deserves to be compensated for their pain and suffering, and our attorneys assist dog bite victims in pursuing that compensation.

We have been helping individuals that have suffered injuries in animal attacks for many years.  Contact us today if you have suffered puncture wounds in a dog bite attack, and we will employ our considerable experience and skill to help you obtain justice.

If you have sustained puncture wounds in a dog bite accident, contact a New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer right away for assistance in your case.