Injury Attorney for NJ Dog Bite Lawsuits

When a police dog inflicts injury on another person, filing a claim and seeking financial compensation may be difficult, particularly if the dog was acting in the line of duty. This is why it is crucial to involve a lawyer if you or someone you know is attacked by a police dog that was on or off duty. You may have the right to financial compensation, but the statute of limitations (time in which you have to file a claim) is often much less than for standard dog bite claims. Your rights to compensation may also vary slightly, as opposed to a typical dog bite lawsuit.

Liability for Police Dog Bites

Dogs are important parts of police forces throughout the United States. They work hard to seek out drug evidence, protect officers, make arrests and gather evidence. A police dog may cause injury to a person while apprehending a suspect or protecting a police officer or civilian from harm. However, at times an officer will misuse a police dog or an off duty dog will injure someone, and in these situations the victim may be able to seek financial compensation for his or her injuries. Some examples of police dog bites that may be grounds for civil lawsuits may include:

  • Excessive force
  • Violation of civil rights
  • Activity outside the scope of proper law enforcement
  • Injury by a dog not on patrol or off duty at the time of the attack

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