Many people these days keep animals (other than dogs) as pets.  Some of these animals include: snakes, Lizards, monkeys, “big” cats, and exotic birds to name a few.

The law in New Jersey regarding keeping animals with vicious propensities is as follows:

If the victim was injured by an animal owned or kept that had a vicious or dangerous trait or propensity, and the owner knew or, in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known of the particular vicious or dangerous trait or propensity in the animal, then the owner will be responsible for the injury.

Vicious or dangerous trait or propensity means a natural inclination or habitual tendency to do and act endangering a person/property.  Some considerations of an animals dangerous propensity include: the attack on the plaintiff; the results of that attack; the animal’s disposition when people approached it; its mischievousness, playfulness or over-demonstrated affection; and whether it had attacked any other person/ property.  To find a vicious or dangerous trait or propensity, it is not necessary to find the animal had previously bitten/attacked/did the same act to someone/something.

If you or someone you know was injured by a vicious animal attack, and you are interested in legal counsel to determine your right to file a claim or lawsuit to recover financial damages, contact a New Jersey Animal Attack Lawyer at our law firm today.