In America, approximately 77.5 million dogs residing in homes all over the U.S.  Thirty-nine percent of those households own at least one dog.  Most of these dogs are friendly will never bite anyone.  There are exceptions to this rule with nearly 4.7 million people being bitten by dogs each year.

However domesticated dogs are, they are still animals.  They have an instinct to hunt and to protect themselves and their young.  Sometimes this instinct can be deadly.  Dog bites can cause serious injuries, regardless of the size or breed of the dog.  Under the law, you have the right to seek compensation for these injuries.  If you or a loved one has received serious injuries from a dog attack, contact a New Jersey Dog Attack Attorney immediately to discuss your dog bite case.

Dog Bite Eye Injuries

Both Children and adults may become the victims of a dog mauling.  The peak ages for dog bites in children are ages 6 to 10, with many serious eye injuries including vision loss or blindness, resulting from the attacks.  There may also be related scarring and facial disfigurement needing reconstructive surgery.  Dog bites in and around the eyes can cause puncture wounds and eyelid lacerations or tearing of the lids, and injury to the tear ducts.  Dog bites can also lead to eye infections caused by the dog’s saliva.

If you have suffered an eye injury in a dog bite attack, then you should contact us today for a free consultation.  We have experience representing all types of dog bite victims; from those victims with superficial injuries, to those that have required 600+ stitches and multiple reconstructive surgeries.  We can provide you with high quality legal service in your case which can improve your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries.  With this compensation, you can obtain the medical treatment you need to repair the damage done and move on from the ordeal you have just suffered.

Contact a New Jersey Dog Bite Attorney if a dog bite attack has left you with an eye injury.