Police K9 Attack Results in Settlement

Alleged excessive force by police dogs Atlantic City, New Jersey agreed to a $462,500 settlement to a man who claimed a group of police officers released two K-9 dogs on him in February 2012 and allowed them to bite and attack him. While walking home from Trump Casino the man was stopped by a group of Atlantic City police officers. The man was placed against the wall and was being patted down when one of the police dogs dragged the man to... Read More

Mr. Mendelsohn Named a “New Leader of the Bar”

In August 2012, Mr. Mendelsohn was named as one of the 50 “New Leaders of the Bar.”  According to the New Jersey Law Journal, “Mendelsohn is known at his firm as  driven, aggressive and mindful that being a successful lawyer means more than just being a competent attorney…Mendelsohn has originated numerous cases including class actions and is fast becoming one of the most prominent automotive class-action attorneys in New Jersey. He has... Read More

Two Pit Bulls Attack Hoboken Resident and Pet

On October 11, 2011, a female Hoboken resident and her dog were attacked by two pit bulls.  Apparently, the woman was walking her dog down Willow Avenue in the early evening between 11th and 12th streets when an unidentified man lost control of his pet Pit Bull. The gray Pit Bull then charged the victim and her smaller dog.  The Pit Bull attacked the dog causing injuries to its leg.  When the man tried to get his dog under control and out it in... Read More

Pit Bull Attacks & Kills Chihuahua in Brigantine

On September 4, 2011, a pit bull escaped from its home and ran onto a local dog beach in Brigantine, New Jersey, where it attacked and killed a Chihuahua, according to a report by the Press of Atlantic City. The fatal pit bull attack took place on a stretch of beach at 14th Street North where the city of Brigantine allows dogs on leashes.  The Chihuahua was on a leash and was being walked by a young woman from Philadelphia who was vacationing in... Read More

NJ Supreme Court Takes up Dog Attack Damages

The Supreme Court of New Jersey has agreed to hear a case that will determine whether a dog owner can sue for emotional distress after witnessing an attack by another dog that killed the owner’s pet.  The current law considers pets property for which only economic damages can be sought (i.e. veterinary costs, etc), but does not allow owners to sue for the pain and suffering involved when a pet is lost under such tragic circumstances. Evidently,... Read More

Neighbors Save Woman & Dog from Loose Pit Bull

Three good Samaritans will be honored on August 15, 2011 after saving a woman, her baby and her black Labrador from a Pit Bull that escaped from a neighbor’s house.  In July 2011, Meghan McLaughlin was walking with her baby and her dog, when a Pit Bull broke through its owner’s glass storm door and attacked McLaughlin’s pet. Hearing their neighbor’s call for help, off-duty Palmyra officer Joseph W. Osinski, Paul Kelly Jr. and John Banscher... Read More

Bayonne Residents and Cops Injured by Pit Bulls

Three Bayonne residents and two Bayonne police officers were injured in late while attempting to break up a dog fight at 28th Street and Avenue E in Bayonne.  A woman was walking her three Pit Bulls on leashes when two of the dogs began to fight.  When the woman attempted to break up the fight, one of the dogs turned on her and bit her leg.  When a friend came to assist her, the dog bit her on the chest and arm.  Then a male neighbor ran over... Read More