Bayonne Residents and Cops Injured by Pit Bulls

Three Bayonne residents and two Bayonne police officers were injured in late while attempting to break up a dog fight at 28th Street and Avenue E in Bayonne.  A woman was walking her three Pit Bulls on leashes when two of the dogs began to fight.  When the woman attempted to break up the fight, one of the dogs turned on her and bit her leg.  When a friend came to assist her, the dog bit her on the chest and arm.  Then a male neighbor ran over to help them and restrain the Pit Bull and it bit him on the left calf, his left tricep, and his forearm.

Bayonne Police officers arrived shortly thereafter and tranquilized the aggressive dog, but two officers were injured in the process when a tranquilizer dart exploded, sending tranquilizer chemicals in their eyes and mouths.

The three bite victims were taken by ambulance to Bayonne Medical Center for treatment of the puncture wounds with stitches while the officers were taken to the hospital by police car.  Bayonne Animal Control took custody of the aggressive dog and was conducting in investigation into the incident.

If you or someone you know was attacked by an Pitt Bull you need to take care of your physical health immediately and then consult an attorney as soon as possible. New Jersey laws can limit the amount of time you have to take action, so you need to act quickly. There may be no such thing as a bad dog, but even the best dogs can cause excruciating and traumatic injuries.

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