Experts believe that Akitas, like the husky, chow chow, and Pekingese, are among the oldest types of domesticated dogs. They originally come from Japan, where they were used as hound dogs to chase and hunt large game such as bears, although the American Kennel Club lists them as working dogs. Akitas became very popular after World War II when American GIs brought them home from their occupational duties.

Although the breed is rarer than others in this country, Akitas bite more people in proportion with their population than many other, more popular breeds. Although dogs such as Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Chows, and Dobermans kill more people when they attack, Akitas represent the third most likely dog to bite or attack unprovoked. In fact, even in their home country of Japan, Akitas are considered the second most likely breed to attack people.

Akita Dog Bite Injuries

Akitas remain popular companions dogs throughout the United States, but few owners realize the ticking time bomb these animals can represent. Even with proper training, breeding, and socialization, Akitas can inflict terrible harm on anyone they come in contact with, for any reason.  In fact, one of our current dog bite clients — an innocent 9 year old boy — was walking past a car in a parking lot when an Akita lunged out of an open car window and grabbed him by the face.  As a result of the attack he underwent extensive plastic surgery including over 600 stitches and has been left with permanent scarring on his face and head.

If you or someone you know was attacked by an Akita you need to take care of your physical health immediately and then consult an attorney as soon as possible. New Jersey laws can limit the amount of time you have to take action, so you need to act quickly. There may be no such thing as a bad dog, but even the best dogs can cause excruciating and traumatic injuries.

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