Help for New Jersey Dog Bite Victims

Being bitten by a dog may be scary and a difficult situation to deal with. However, there are particular steps you can take in order to protect your right to take legal action and recover financial compensation for your injuries. First and foremost, our law firm welcomes calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you would like to undergo a free consultation with a New Jersey dog bite attorney. We have also listed some basic steps that you may find helpful after a dog bite:

  • Try to identify the animal that attacked you, as well as the owner.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Get the contact and insurance information of the dog owner.
  • Get the contact information of any witnesses who saw what occurred.
  • Take photographs of your wounds, clothing, the dog, the scene of the incident, and anything else you believe may be pertinent to the incident.
  • Contact the police and file a report.
  • Keep detailed records of any medical care you receive as well as of the incident itself and what you remember.
  • If the dog owner’s insurance company contacts you, simply tell them you will be hiring a lawyer and your attorney will get back to them.
  • Contact an attorney as soon as possible. Your initial consultation with Mr. Mendelsohn is free, and this will be your opportunity to discuss what occurred and determine whether you can file a claim or lawsuit against the dog owner to recover financial damages.

Making the decision to involve a lawyer as early as possible is important, while the facts are still fresh in your mind. To get started with your case, contact a New Jersey dog bite lawyer at our firm today!